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How do we help?
We provide Pulpit supply without harming the Pastor's ministry, 3 to 5 day conferences, web design and support, and more click here...
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Pastor Gordon Rodgers Statement:
As a Pastor who has benefited by Brother Bliss' ministry, I can wholeheartedly recommend him. Brother and Mrs. Bliss (both) have a servant's heart click here...

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Dr. Robert Bliss, Director
and his wife, Sharon, were married August 3, 1962. They have three children, 8 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren. Having personally experienced the joys and tribulations of several small churches, Brother and Mrs. Bliss recognize the needs of these unique... Click Here

Brother Jeff Laubach, Associate Director,

 Brother Laubach, Associate Director,and his wife Monica were married November 22, 1997. They have two children, 2 grandchildren, with a granddaughter on the way in November. They are excited to serve and help in any capacity the Lord presents them with...for more Click Here


The Fundamental Top 500

Articles and Resources for Your Use

 It has arrived, the newest book from Dr. Robert Bliss;

“The  Ship of Fools"

Click here to read in its entirety. Chapter 3 has been added, the Ship of Fools is an allegory that has long been a fixture in Western literature and art. The allegory depicts a vessel populated by human inhabitants who are deranged, frivolous, or oblivious passengers aboard a ship without a pilot, and seemingly ignorant of their own direction.

 Individual Chapters Available in PDF - Chapter 1; 2; 3

A VALUABLE RESOURCE TO "Help Pastors, and parents who want to raise their children to love the Lord and to guide parents to prepare for the teen years"


Is Jesus Christ Your Saviour?

If you have not yet placed your faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour please read "God Loves You"
it is a short message on how to be Biblically "Born Again."


Praying for Your Pastor Daily Calendar for the Prayer needs of your Pastor (Please print and pray daily)

Why, Why, Why?Another mass shooting Texas, Parkland Florida, Sutherland Springs, Las Vegas, New York, and California, there seems to be no end to the violence. Another endless line of people, pundits, and politicians asking this question – Why? There is no answer to this question from a Godless world view. Only those relatively few individuals who truly know God... click here...



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