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As a Pastor who has benefited by Brother Bliss' ministry, I can wholeheartedly recommend him. Brother and Mrs. Bliss (both) have a servant's heart click here...

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Thank You For Serving a tract (in Word format) to our American military personnel this tract is printed on a half sheet of paper 4.25 inches by 11 inches. To view screen shots follow this link Thanks!

When it's war will you be ready? This tract is focused on the American military and their readiness for war. Available in PDF format also.

My Story, by Pedro Archuleto one man's story of salvation and restoration. Available in PDF format also.

Garage Sale Bargains Available in PDF format also.

Easter in Acts 12 verse 4 Available in PDF format also.

Would You Dare to Become a Joshua? Available in PDF format also.

Times and Seasons of Life, First Years to Golden Years a tract written by Mrs.Sharon Bliss. Available in PDF format also.

Tap Roots for Strong Families Available in PDF format also.
Hear the sermon by Dr. Bliss MP3

What Manner Of Man Is This! from Luke 8:25, a tract by Dr. Bliss. Available in PDF format.

Bird Brain Flu a tract by Dr. Bliss from a letter to the editor. Available in PDF Format.

Blood Bought My Freedom, Someone Had to Die. a tract in remembrance of sacrifice. Available as an 8½ by 11 tri-fold tract in PDF format.

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