In recent years perhaps nothing has stirred the imagination of the unregenerate mind more than the subject of dinosaurs. Books, movies, magazine articles, museums, and newspapers have contained multiplied thousands of words about these wonderful animals. Unfortunately, most of the information is full of speculations without any substance or truth. The subject of dinosaurs has been used to brainwash unsuspecting children and adults into believing that these animals are part of the evolutionary scheme of things. However, we who know that the Bible is an absolutely trustworthy and reliable record of what really happened, know that dinosaurs are part of God's great creation.

  1. Dinosaurs were part of God's creation. Genesis 1:20-31." And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life,...(every living creature created) ...And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day."

    1. Remember we are to let God's word shape our thinking not this world. Romans 12:1-3
    2. Since the word dinosaur was not coined until 1841 by Sir Richard Owen, it will not be found in your 1611 King James Bible.
    3. Dinosaurs are probably spoken of several times in the Bible. Job 40 and 41 both speak of great creatures called "leviathan" and "behemoth" which could easily be a reference to dinosaurs. Isaiah 30:6 speaks of a "fiery flying serpent" which might be reference to one of several types of "flying dinosaurs," such as pterodactyls. There are about 34 references to "dragon/s" of which several could easily be dinosaurs. Isaiah 27: 1; Jeremiah 14:6.

  2. What did Dinosaurs look Like?

    1. Since no one living has seen a real dinosaur and all that we have left of dinosaurs is their bones or fossils, no one knows what dinosaurs really looked like. We have many speculating but remember all we have are the dinosaur's scattered remains not pictures to look at or even skins which tell us what was their appearance. Brontosaurus for example had the wrong head and was really Apatosaurus.
    2. We really don't even know for sure whether they were warm-blooded or cold-blooded.
    3. It is even hard to tell from their fossils or bones whether a particular dinosaur is male or female.

  3. Who Rediscovered Dinosaurs in Modern Times? Here is a quote from The Answers Book by Ken Ham:
    "In 1822, Mary Anne Mantell went for a walk along a country road in Sussex. According to tradition, she found a stone which glittered in the sunlight, and took it home to show her fossil-collecting husband. Dr. Mantell noticed that the stone contained a tooth similar to, but much larger than, that of modern reptiles. He concluded that it belonged to some extinct giant plant-eating reptile with teeth like an iguana. In 1825, he named the owner of the tooth Iguanodon (iguana tooth). It was Dr. Mantell who began to popularize the age of the reptiles. In 1841, Sir Richard Owen, the famous palaeotologist, coined the word dinosaur. Technically, dinosaur refers to those giant reptile-like creatures which lived on land rather than in the water. The word means "terrible lizard". In the minds of those who had been associated with the then-recently discovered bones of a nine-meter-(30 feet) long monster with two-meter-(six feet) long jaws from the Lyme Regis quarries of England, the name was particularly appropriate."

  4. Do Secular Historical Sources Mention Dinosaurs?
    1. Again, since the word dinosaur is relatively new, many ancient records just speak of dragons which may have been dinosaurs. Again, from The Answers Book.
      "...a Sumerian story dating back to 3,000 BC tells of a hero named Gilgamesh, who, when he went to fell cedars in a remote forest, encountered a huge vicious dragon which he slew, cutting off its head as a trophy. When Alexander the Great and his soldiers marched into India, they found that the Indians worshipped huge hissing reptiles that they kept in caves.... China has always been renowned for its dragon stories, and dragons have always been prominent on Chinese pottery, embroidery and carvings. England has its story of St. George, who slew a dragon that lived in a cave. But we are not just referring to stories dating back thousands of years, for even in the tenth century, an Irishman wrote of his encounter with what appears to have been a Stegosaurus. In the 1500s, a European scientific book, Historia Animalium, listed several animals, which to us are dinosaurs, as still alive. A well-known naturalist of the time, Ulysses Aldrovandus, recorded an encounter between a peasant named Baptista and a dragon whose description fits that of the dinosaur Tanystropheus. The encounter was on May 13, 1572 near Bologna in Italy, and the peasant killed the dragon. So the evidence for the existence of dinosaurs during recorded human history is strong."

  5. What Happened to the Dinosaurs?
    1. Since we weren't there (Job 38:4) we really don't know why most of the dinosaurs died out. Since geographically and atmospherically the world is a much different place after the flood, it is possible that they just couldn't make it in the new world.
    2. Animals are going extinct today for a variety of reasons, disease, floods, man, genetics to name a few. Dinosaurs faced the same problems and for the most part didn't survive. After all, sin brings death and death is common even in the animal kingdom.

  6. How Could Those Great Big Dinosaurs fit on the Ark?
    1. The Ark was very big. Genesis 6:15. Probably 450' x 75' x 45'. 1.5 million cubic feet. Equivalent to over 500 modern train freight cars. Could carry 125,000 sheep.
    2. Most dinosaurs were small - average about the size of a sheep. Young dinosaurs were all small.
    3. Only need representative "kinds." . All variations could easily come from the representative "kinds." Genesis 1

  7. Is This Important?
    Nothing has been used more in our modern times to destroy man's faith in God than the teaching of evolution. Dinosaurs are the "Poster Children" of the evolutionary movement. They are enormously interesting and are universally attractive to children and adults. By using them to teach evolutionary doctrine millions are drawn to the false religion of evolution.

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